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Ways to engage with this project:
Build your own giant puppet for the Procession of the Species:
-Collect your friends, family, church group, organization, etc., to build a giant puppet for our procession
-Join us on Fridays from 4-7 at Springhouse Downtown for our puppet working group or build your puppet at home

Join us this Spring for the Procession of the Species. We Need:

-Experts on endangered and threatened species

Questions? Contact Ian Stabler at: ian@springhouse.org

Featured Artist: March 2023 

This month we’re excited to introduce you to Toni Jepson. 

Toni has unwaveringly supported Springhouse Downtown programs such as our Open Studio, the Puppet Collective and Bookmaking/ Haciendo Libros. His kind and curious vibe invites us into a dialogue around creativity and how art brings people together. Toni always asks good questions and brings inspired ideas. Skyler Locke (Springhouse Downtown’s Artist in Residence) described his art as, “complex and delicate, while holding the the duality of the ancient and the new.” 

Here is Toni’s interview with Sarah Piper Pollock… 

Sarah P: What inspires you?

Toni: I am inspired by life and death, the oddities, the mysteries, the music within and in between! I am inspired by the human and the non-human experience, and the observations thereof; our and their creations, tribulations, and transformations! I am inspired by the outlandish serendipity, or karma, or plain ol’ wackiness of this windy, beautiful, and scary road to…?

Sarah P: What projects are you working on that bring you alive?

Toni: Oh so many, but currently:  Oral history-like projects with the elders of our community, and the same with friends from far away communities who are now also part of this one!

Sarah P: What’s your relationship with creativity?

Toni: It’s complicated… Sometimes creativity is there, sometimes it ain’t. Though not always singing, I for sure know creativity is always ready to dance! It’s always asking me:  “Are you ready yet? Jeez, Louise!”

Come spend time with Toni at Open Studio at Springhouse Downtown on Wednesdays 4-7pm. 

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