Sourced Press Print Shop

Sourced Press is Springhouse’s print shop where we share messages that inform, inspire, and reveal that life is a gift and we must take care of it.

Sourced Press is a non-profit community print shop. All of our books, posters, and cards are made by many hands. We use a variety of different mediums including letterpress printing, screen printing, bookmaking, and chapbook printing.

Soul-Discovery & Printmaking Programs

for Young Adults

We offer short- and long-term Soul-Discovery and Printmaking programs for young adults (ages 18-26). These programs are located in our print shop and invite participants to get to know themselves more deeply in the context of an intergenerational learning community.

Join us and experience the magic of the print shop at our next volunteer day, workshop, or event!


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Meet the Print Shop Team

Sourced Press Director

Sarah “Piper” Yates Pollock (she/her)

Sourced Press Shop Manager

Ian Stabler (he/him)