Springhouse School

Education can’t save us.

We have to save education.

Dr. Bettina Love

Education is the greatest opportunity we have to build culture of any kind.

America’s current public educational system was created over a hundred years ago with the purpose of training factory workers. The system has changed very little since its creation and still serves a similar purpose of training individuals to succeed financially in our dominant culture. This culture has caused great harm to the Earth and left individuals to fend for themselves within an unjust system.

If we want to live in a different world, we must use education to create a different kind of culture.

At Springhouse, we’ve created a culture that values all Life and teaches people the skills to build this kind of life-giving culture throughout their lives. This is how we begin to slowly create transformative and lasting change.

The new culture is created by a few people who are not afraid to be insecure.

Rudolf Bahro

We slowly create culture one person, and one community, at a time through a life-giving curriculum. Our accredited high school for teens and our 8-month cultural design program for adults use an educational approach that teaches how to build a culture that takes care of Life within an unsustainable dominant culture.

Accredited High School

8-Month Cultural Design Program

The Three Guiding Principles of

our Educational Approach

Springhouse articulated an approach to education that responds to what our culture needs at this moment. It is radically different from what most of us know when it comes to school. This unique educational approach is informed by Sourced Design and supports people as they learn how to build examples of life-giving culture.


We learn in community, and we must care for the life of the community


To create a world where all life thrives, we must know ourselves, our cultural context, and the power of possibility


To build capacity, courage, and confidence, we need to practice creating a culture that takes care of Life
Community is the crucible for learning and transformation. In a community that respects individuality, fosters unity, and takes care of relationships, we can learn how to become builders of a more vital culture. For the community to remain a healthy and vital place for all, we must participate in it and take care of the life of the community.
To thrive, and to create the conditions for others to do the same, we must seek particular knowledge. We must come to better know ourselves, the culture and place we live within, and what is possible when it comes to a culture that thrives. This means that what we study will be very different from what many of us are used to.
To create the conditions for thriving, we must learn about cultural design strategy and have plenty of opportunities to practice a new way over the short- and long-term. In a dominant culture where thriving is not the norm, practice builds the confidence and competency needed to become a builder of a more life-giving culture.