By Sarah Piper Pollock

“That is beautiful which is produced by the inner need, which springs from the soul.”

~ Wassily Kandinsky

At Springhouse Downtown, we view art as a means to know the inner landscape and the world. Art is made not just for the sake of art, but to serve as a creative modality to transform the self, carry a message, and educate.  

Our Open Studio time is a beautiful container to create from an inner need and see what springs from your soul. (Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, 4-7PM)  

Updates from Springhouse Downtown:

  • Extended hours for Open Studio, 4-7PM on M,W,F
  • We are collaborating with NRVCS and Floyd Public Schools on a Teen & Addiction Art Show this spring. More information coming soon!    
  • We are no longer offering co-working time 
  • We are no longer offering printmaking on Tuesday nights

January 2023 Featured Artist: Alonzo Emmett

Alonzo Emmett is a guitarist, songwriter, printer and creator who is currently a senior at Springhouse. His work brings subtlety, dreaminess, and magic into the world in beautiful and poignant ways. Given the space and time it deserves, his work evokes the mystical and the often overlooked and quiet elements of our world for us all to see. His current musical project involves exploring his meaningful dreams and translating them into songs. This project will culminate in an album as part of his Senior Year Capstone. 

Of his process, Alonzo says “I am most inspired when I stop thinking about it and envelop myself in the process of making the music and art.” Perhaps this approach is why Alonzo is so enamored with the Surrealist movement. As part of his current exploration of dreamscapes and the subconscious, he is teaching a class at Springhouse exploring the surrealist movement and creating surrealist art. When asked what has excited him most about teaching the class Alonzo stated, “being able to see people get excited about how they can bring their own spin into surrealist art.” This sentiment exemplifies what makes Alonzo a good teacher. He is most focused on bringing his fellow classmates alive to what has brought him alive in the past. In helping them see the magic and beauty of the world as he does. 

We are grateful for all the creativity and service Alonzo has brought to Springhouse and Springhouse Downtown and look forward to what he creates in the future. 

Springhouse Downtown will host an art show this Spring showing Alonzo’s classmates’ surrealist art. More information to come.

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