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The act of printing has always seemed to me a miracle, just such a miracle as the growing up of a tiny seed of grain to an ear – an everyday miracle, even the greater because it happens every day. One drawing is sown on the stone or the etching plate, and a harvest is reaped.

Vincent van Gogh

In 2014, Springhouse started as a high school where we have been redesigning education to bring forth a more vital culture one person at a time. In 2023, it became clear to us that, in addition to our school, we must share the message, “Life is a gift, and it is up to us to take care of it in bold and creative ways.”

At Sourced Press, we have chosen the art of letterpress and screen printing to make our books, posters, and cards. This allows us to slow down and give more care and intention to the creation process. Through our words and artwork, we aim to inspire action toward our vision to live in a world where all life thrives.


The tradition of chapbooks, small books that carry a message of some kind, began in the 16th century. Sourced Press publishes chapbooks aligned with the Sourced Design principles and practices.


Sourced Press creates art with meaning and a message. These posters wake us up to our responsibility to take care of life – first by coming alive ourselves and then supporting others to do the same.


Sourced Press makes cards that grow our self-awareness through stories and archetypes. We also make what we call “Cards to Leave Around” – a wake up call to live the life we came here to live.

It is the duty of the press to teach people to be brave, not to instill fear into them.

Mahatma Gandhi

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