Creating Culture that Takes Care of Life

Life is a gift.

Let’s take care of it.

Springhouse envisions a world where
all life thrives.

Our mission is to practice and share Sourced Design to create a culture that takes care of life through education, media, and a global network

Located in a vibrant community in Floyd County, Virginia, Springhouse has a school for teens and adults, a print shop where we share our message, and a global network to grow a more vital culture.

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Springhouse is accessible to all who want to fully live this life and learn how to create the conditions for others to do the same. Partnering with us allows us to offer our unique and vital programs to anyone, regardless of their financial means.

You must change your life.

Rainer Maria Rilke

To live in a world where all life thrives,

we will need to change the way we live. This is not easy.

The school at Springhouse provides a place where teens and adults can practice living in a way that takes care of Life in a place over time. Through Sourced Press, we spread the message that life is a gift and it is up to us to take care of it, and we sustain and grow a more vital culture through our global network.


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Cultural Design Program


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“Springhouse is the most dynamic and promising experiment in education and community building I have seen. It is not just a school. It is a growing community of learners of all ages and is a potent seed for real regenerative culture. Their exceptional staff are imaginatively catching fire and inspiring other schools and communities around the planet.”


Dr. Bill Plotkin, Author and Founder of Animas Valley Institute

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