A School for Regenerative Culture Builders

Year-End Events

Join us in celebrating life-giving culture!

May 19th-May 29th

Leading the Way in Regenerative Educational Design

Springhouse is an intergenerational learning community with life at its center. We are actively reimagining education and believe learning is a lifelong journey that should be centered around vitality, meaning, and cultivating wholeness to better serve the world’s emerging needs.

Springhouse has a mighty vision of building regenerative culture now.
We do this by designing education that brings us alive – both for youth and adults. Education is where we decide what is important enough to pass down through generations. At Springhouse, we have decided that it is most important to take care of, foster, and share life.

Youth Education

Centered in vitality, Springhouse’s educational approach is unique with relationships at the core of all that we do.

Adult Education

Springhouse is a multi-generational source of connection, experience, and growth for lifelong learners.

Our Design

Sourced Design emerged from Springhouse after seven years of experimentation in reimagining education with life at the center.

Springhouse is the most dynamic and promising experiment in education and community building I have seen. It is ecocentric, soulcentric, grounded, placed-rooted, cooperation-based, holistic, and whole-hearted. And it is not just a school. It is a growing community of learners of all ages, with participants drawn from the larger community, not just those immediately associated with the students and staff. Springhouse is a potent seed for real regenerative culture. A Mystery School. Their exceptional staff are imaginatively catching fire and inspiring other schools and communities around the planet. ~ Bill Plotkin, Author and Founder of Animas Valley Institute

I would not be who or where I am today without Springhouse. Here, I am not a grade or a label; I am seen and valued as the whole person that I am, with all that comes with it. ~ Tati, Springhouse Teen Learner

Are you ready to shed the strategies that no longer serve you and fully show up to your life? Here’s your chance to join a community of people who are diving into the mystery of what it means to be an authentic human and embody our full potential in greater service to the world. ~ Elizabeth, Springhouse Adult Learner

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