My name is William and I use they/he pronouns. A few of my peers and I visited a school in North Carolina, called the Carolina Friends School. We got a taste of what that school was like, and it was a very interesting experience. They had a wide community and a large campus. Participating in classes was also an interesting experience, despite not being able to be there for more than three classes. There were a lot of similarities and a lot of differences. I am very glad I got to have this experience.

Hello, this is Kayim and I am sharing some reflections from the trip a few of us Springhouse students went on to The Carolina Friends School. I will start off by saying, It was a very interesting and eye opening experience. Being able to witness and partake in another alternative/private school helped me find a new perspective on how different two private schools can be. When I personally think of private schools, I think of something like Springhouse, or Blue Mountain School. But, seeing it done differently than what I’m used to is pretty shocking. However, attending the Carolina Friends School for a day was something I really enjoyed and being able to learn some about their religion and culture there made it worth the while!

My name is Joy. I use he/they/she pronouns. Some fellow peers and I went to another school in North Carolina called the Carolina Friends School. While we were there, we shadowed some of their students and went to their classes. They had different, but similar ways of running the school. One difference is that they have a more spread out campus with a lot of buildings. It was interesting to be in a different environment; I was very grateful for the opportunity.

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