By Chris Wolf

We knew entering this year we would face some budgetary challenges. In the Day School, we graduated our largest class to date, shifted the program from 6 years to 4 and increased the rigor of our admissions process, even as our expenses grew. We are moving into the 2022-2023 school year 18 Day School learners,15 families. In my conversations with folks about what they can invest this year, I sense a deep desire to contribute meaningfully even as many families face budgetary challenges of their own. As we stand, we are looking at a budget shortfall in the neighborhood of $37,000, and on top of this we recently got news that we will not be receiving the $67,800 grant that would support professional development and one of our all school trips.

Nevertheless we carry on, and the spirit of our team remains strong. We’re in exciting conversations about new organizational partnerships, alternate revenue streams and refining our economic model to truly de-couple financial investment and program participation, both as a move that might attract more charitable giving, and more importantly, as a principled shift to make more accessible what should be everyone’s birthright: learning in beloved community.

To forge a path against the grain of our macro-culture is rough going. If you are out in the mainstream market with a product saying, “It’s NOT quick, easy, convenient or comfortable!” we shouldn’t expect it to have broad appeal for a society that seems mostly interested in short-term, self-serving materialism. With such an unpopular proposition, it might be unreasonable to plan for our programs to be sustained by the few brave souls ready for something radically different, so we’ll have to get more creative economically. Working for a future that has more interdependent connection, long-range response-ability, and deep fulfillment is hard work. Yet even in the process we begin to make that future real. It’s work we are committed to. It will take all of us, holding hands in relationship and trust. Grateful to have you with us.

Learn more about our Generative Economic Model here.

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