Sourced Design

We are generating lots of floating clouds. We need to ground our ideas so that they can change the world. Nothing changes unless it is grounded and manifested. ~ Angeles Arrien

Sourced Design is vitality-centered, situating the source of life at the center of the design. It emerged from eight years of experimentation at Springhouse and provides five vitality-centered principles to guide and support those who wish to build regenerative culture. Through the Sourced Design Lab and the Sourced Design Immersion, we now share the design principles globally in ways that respect people and place.

We are committed to the practice of vitality-centered design to build regenerative culture. Collectively the Springhouse team has decades of experience in creating and facilitating vitality-centered design. At Springhouse we practice emergent design, where we listen deeply to the wisdom of the moment and respond by building a living design that awakens and sustains vitality in young people and their communities. Springhouse is a thriving example of vitality-centered design in education and gives hope to others around the world because of its long-term commitment to radically redesigning culture through education.

Sourced Design Network
The Sourced Design Network is made up of Sourced Design Lab and Sourced Design Immersion participants from around the world. These are people who want to put vitality at the front and center of their lives and communities. This global network supports the practice of vitality-centered design through monthly support meetings and regular communications for those who have participated in the Lab and Immersion. If you are interested in being a part of the Sourced Design Network, please apply for the Lab or the Immersion programs linked above.

Sourced Design Lab

The Sourced Design Lab is for those who wish to build regenerative culture in their lives and communities. The Lab is a program of Springhouse – an example of vitality-centered education. In your life, family, community, or organization, this is an opportunity to learn from the ongoing experiment at Springhouse and practice building regenerative culture in place over time. 

In the Lab, participants support one another in fostering vital lives and communities. The Lab happens three times a year at Springhouse (fall, winter, and summer) and consists of three 2-hour virtual workshops in each series:

  • Let it Begin with Me: Applying Sourced Design Principles to Self
  • Awakening and Sharing Vitality: Applying Sourced Design Principles to Community and Place
  • Sustaining Change: Creating Networks for Creativity and Courage

Immersive learning experiences at Springhouse, peer mentoring, time for dialogue with Springhouse staff and learners, the Principle Exploration Project, and an online Sourced Design resource catalog allow for the participant’s continued learning in-between Labs.  Participants must sign up for the entirety of the Lab, since each workshop builds upon the others.

If you are interested in participating in the Sourced Design Lab and joining the Sourced Design Network, please adhere to the following process:

1) Fill out this interest form and questionnaire

2) Set up a 30-minute follow-up call with H Leopold (they/them), one of the Lab facilitators (instructions will be shared upon completing the interest form).

3) If it is determined that you would be a good fit for the Lab and that the Lab is something you feel committed to, a registration form will be sent to you, which includes investment information. Our economic model is regenerative, rooted in trust, transparency, and relationship, where money is not a barrier to participation.

Sourced Design Immersion

This program is for adults looking to stay close to the mysteries of nature and soul in their lives and to practice delivery systems, or work in the world, that takes care of and fosters vitality in a culture that needs more life.

This immersion is 8 months – from October to May – and includes the following:

~ Small group mentoring once a month with Dr. Jenny Finn focused on strengthening one’s connection to soul and how to be of clearer, more creative, courageous, and compassionate service to the world

~ Peer mentoring with another person in the immersion

~ Meet once a month for two hours for the Sourced Design course 

~ A commitment to a soul-centered practice of one’s choosing over the course of 8 months, which could include participating in a Springhouse soul-centered adult program (Sacred Dance, yoga, embodied writing, The Well shadow work, and more)

~ A Capstone Project that further incorporates the design principles into one’s life and work over the course of the immersion

~ A community with a shared purpose of fostering vitality in their lives, families, communities, and workplaces

~ Two Springhouse visits (optional, if desired)

           – October 20th-24th (including the Fall Sacred Dance Retreat)

           – May 25th- 29th (including the Sourced Design Network gathering on May 28th)

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED for the 2021-2022 Immersion. Please apply here for the 2022-2023 Immersion to begin in October 2022. 

The Five Vitality-Centered Principles

These five practices protect, foster, and make useful the vitality that lives within, and around, us. We have learned that when a learning community engages these practices in ways that are authentic to their place, vitality grows in each person, in the community itself, and in connection with the Earth and its wisdom.



Welcoming vulnerability leads to authentic relationships and a deeper intimacy with ourselves, each other, and the Earth.


Personhood becomes a gift to the world when it is strengthened in body, heart, and mind and given opportunities to express itself fully and courageously.


The greatest currency we have is community. The principles of beloved community guide relationships within the learning community and in the larger communities in which they are embedded.


The wisdom in the living system of the Earth is at the heart of vitality-centered design. When practiced, it can lead to more vital and interdependent learning communities.


Learning communities that practice these principles are prepared to serve the world with the courage, creativity, clarity, and compassion needed to meet the current challenges we face.