Community Practices

The life of a community needs care as much as a person does. At Springhouse, there are many ways we strengthen our commitment to our shared vision and to each other. We do this in ways that respect the individuality of each person and foster the unity of the whole.

Seasonal Meditations

We make it a practice to learn from the Earth when building culture. The
seasons of the Earth remind us that change is constant and a natural part of
life. Each season, we come together to celebrate these cycles together in silence. These meditations are held online and available to our global community.

Sacred Dance

We dance weekly at Springhouse, and, on the first and third Wednesdays, we invite the larger community to join us. We meet from 6-7:30pm in the Springhouse Great Hall.


Using ritual and the powerful modality of psychodrama, participants get to know themselves more deeply in community. This practice is used to explore the worlds in which we live, both internally and externally, through guided dramatic investigations of issues in one's life with the support of the group.


The practice and study of Yoga is one of the “thousand ways to kneel and kiss the ground,” as Rumi says. This offering explores Yoga as a doorway to the body, the self, and the sacred.