Adult Programs

Everything can begin with you. You are the foundation of any change that will happen in your society.
~Thich Nhat Hanh

Two-Year Program in Regenerative Cultural Design & Practice 

Springhouse offers a two-year program for adults to study Regenerative Cultural Design and Practice. The program is for adults who want to be regenerative culture builders by engaging and practicing vitality-centered design in their lives and communities. The program includes the following components of study and practice:

  • Fortification work with a focus on the inner life to strengthen and clarify one’s service
  • Courses that explore the five vitality-centered design principles of Sourced Design, the dominant cultural narrative, the importance of the individual as relates to the work of building regenerative culture, and the necessity of a commitment to place
  • Opportunities to practice building regenerative culture in place
  • And mentorship where participants receive feedback from a loving and committed community.

The first year of the program is residential and takes place at Springhouse in Floyd over the course of 9 months.  During the first year, participants will spend around 20 hours/week at Springhouse learning in community and focusing on fortification work.

The second year of the program is low-residency and focused on practice where participants can practice in Floyd (at Springhouse or another location regionally), or in their home place.  The program culminates with a storytelling event where participants share their learning experience with the larger community during the Springhouse Annual Gathering in May. It is our sincere hope that participants leave this program with a grounded sense of what it requires (personally and collectively) to build regenerative culture, one day at a time.

Creating a culture that protects, fosters, and shares vitality, begins with ourselves. We must embody in ourselves what we hope for in the world.

Fortification Courses and Retreats

In-person, open to participants outside the Two-Year Program

Our Fortification Courses & Retreats strengthen us so that we can be of clearer service to our world that needs inspired and capable adults. As adults, it is our responsibility to do our own inner work so that we can lead the cultural regeneration needed at this time. These practices are available for adults that seek fortification, but are not able to do the full two-year program.