Adult Education

Creating a culture that protects, fosters,

and shares vitality,

begins with ourselves.

We cannot project our cultural problems onto young people by trying to control, fix, or change them. We must embody in ourselves what we hope for in young people and in the world.

Springhouse adult program offerings are where adults can come to learn practices needed to explore the mysteries of nature and soul, support each other in the unraveling process of cultivating authentic adulthood, and work together to create a culture that brings us all alive.

Springhouse is a living example of what cultural design can be when it orients around life. When you join an adult program, you join an intergenerational community committed to building regenerative culture. The skills that adults need to build this kind of culture are unique, and include journeying inward, as well as strengthening what is needed to shape our collective outwardly in ways that foster vitality.

Springhouse offers pathways to do this work, locally and globally, in a vibrant community and place.

Lifelong learning at Springhouse is a journey inward that allows us to become what we hope for and become more skilled at building life-giving culture in our families and communities. 

Soul Centered Practices

We offer specific soul-centered practices that cultivate one’s relationship to soul and Mystery within a community. Offered locally and globally, these practices include Sacred Dance, Yoga, and Writing Exploration.

The Well

The Well: A Place to Get Honest with Yourself

The Well is for people looking for deeper more consistent soul-centered work. The Well is a 9-week program for adults interested in building a stronger relationship with the mystery within and around them. Within each person there are profound resources, hidden potentials and depths that we might not even know exist until we discover how to access them, cultivate their powers, and eventually integrate them into our lives.

Cultural Design Fellowship

The fellowship is the deepest dive Springhouse offers, designed for adults ready to uproot their life and immerse in the Springhouse model of creating regenerative culture. The fellowship consists of deep self-work, study of ecological and social design principles, and on-the-ground application of these principles in either the Vitality-Centered Education Track or the Regenerative Farm Design Track.  

Collective Liberation Work

We live in a culture where, in many ways, vitality is explicitly oppressed. Springhouse offers experiences where we liberate vitality collectively by starting with ourselves. Through cultivating relationships, having courageous conversations, engaging the power of creativity and the wisdom of the Earth, we face the places that oppress Life in the name of our individual and collective liberation.

Sourced Design Labs

The Sourced Design Lab is a place where participants can experiment with a vitality-centered educational design model with the support of a design community. Participants will explore what it means to decolonize and liberate education, practice principles that foster vitality in their learning communities, and work with other courageous people who are redesigning education in ways that take care of vitality.

The Lab happens every trimester at Springhouse (fall, winter, and summer) and consists of three 2-hour workshops, practice work, and peer mentoring in between workshops. After the Lab, cohorts will continue to work together, as well as collaborate with other Lab cohorts.