Adult Education

Everything can begin with you. You are the foundation of any change that will happen in your society.
~Thich Nhat Hanh

The Springhouse adult program offers adults the opportunity to engage in practices that connect us to the vitality within and around us. These practices invite us to reclaim a relationship with our bodies, cultivate a sense of the sacred, and commit to a consistent practice of self study in the context of a beloved community. We do this to fortify ourselves so that we may more courageously love and serve the world.

Creating a culture that protects, fosters, and shares vitality, begins with ourselves. We must embody in ourselves what we hope for in the world.

Depth Courses

We offer specific depth courses that cultivate one’s relationship to self and the world. Offered locally and globally, these classes include Sacred Dance, Yoga, and The Well.

2 Year Certificate Program

The two-year certificate program in Regenerative Cultural Design & Practice at Springhouse is for adults who want to be regenerative culture builders by engaging and practicing vitality-centered design in their lives and communities. The program includes components of study and practice. Learn more at the link below!


Sourced Design Labs

The Sourced Design Lab is a place for those interested in putting vitality at the front and center of their lives and communities to learn and practice the Sourced Design principles.

The Lab consists of three 2-hour virtual workshops, peer mentoring, apprenticing with a Springhouse practitioner in areas such as curriculum development, generative economics and communication, and adolescent development, and open access to the Sourced Design online learning platform. The Lab explores the principles in new ways each series, so this Lab can be taken repeatedly.

Those who participate in the Sourced Design Lab stay connected through the Sourced Design Network through monthly meetings and the Sourced Design Annual Gathering at Springhouse on the last weekend of May each year. The monthly meetings are also a place for those curious about the design to attend as a way to discern participation in the Sourced Design Lab. If you are interested in joining a monthly meeting, please contact Jenny.