Values in Action

I commit to practicing connection by:

  • Cultivating self-awareness
  • Fostering and developing empathy for myself and others
  • Participating in and serving my community
  • Acting in ways that honor my relationship with myself, others, and the planet

I commit to practicing individuality by:

  • Honoring my authentic expression and cultivating my gifts and passions
  • Being curious about and considerate of views and expressions different from my own
  • Celebrating the strength conferred to our community through diversity

I commit to practicing creativity by:

  • Trying new things
  • Responding to unexpected surprises with openness
  • Trusting my imagination and using it to develop something new

I commit to practicing resiliency by:

  • Exploring the edge of my capacity by doing hard things in order to grow
  • Persevering and being flexible in the face of difficulty

I commit to practicing integrity by:

  • Tending to my personal growth
  • Being honest with myself and others
  • Taking responsibility for the things I say and do, including speaking only from my own experience and addressing my concerns directly to those involved when conflict arises

I commit to practicing trust by:

  • Holding others’ vulnerability with confidentiality and care
  • Having faith in myself and what is within me
  • Asking for help when I need it