Values in Action

I commit to practice connection by:

  • Developing empathy for myself and others
  • Participating in and serving my community
  • Fostering a relationship with the Earth

I commit to practice individuality by:

  • Cultivating and sharing my unique gifts
  • Expressing myself clearly and courageously
  • Being curious about and respectful of views and expressions different from my own

I commit to practice trust by:

  • Believing in myself and what is within me
  • Asking for help when needed
  • Holding other’s vulnerability with confidentiality and care

I commit to practice creativity by:

  • Trusting my imagination and using it to develop something new
  • Collaborating authentically and joyfully with others
  • Designing something that serves my community and beyond

I commit to practice resiliency by:

  • Choosing to do hard things in order to grow
  • Persevering through difficult circumstances
  • Responding rather than reacting to the world around me

I commit to practice integrity by:

  • Consistently tending to my personal growth
  • Taking responsibility for the things I say and do, including directly addressing conflict with others
  • Following through on my commitments