Our Alumni

It takes courage to grow up

and become who you really are.

E.E Cummings

During their time at Springhouse, our alumni spend their years learning how to build life-affirming culture in a world that desperately needs it, and they graduate from our high school with a diploma. After graduation, their next steps are diverse – service work, travel, work to gain financial independence, go to college, get lost for a while, and more. They embody our values of connection, individuality, trust, creativity, resiliency, and integrity and stay connected to Springhouse well after their graduation through our alumni network of support. 

Alumni Stories



My name is Adrian, and I graduated from Springhouse in 2016. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's in Social Work from Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. I hope to do School Social Work in the future, as I believe it is an area in which there is a particularly great need that also lines up with my proclivities and strengths. I also work part time in a youth shelter for teenagers who are in the process of readoption.



My name is Cassidy, I’m 20, and I am in the art program at VCU in Richmond. Things I currently love doing are social justice activism, homework, and hanging out with friends! I am learning so many new things here and am so grateful to have the social and emotional skills that Springhouse provided me as I start this new chapter of my life.



My name is Skyler. I am 20 and I just moved to Richmond, VA. I am currently working full-time as a videographer and video editor. I like to spend my time creating short films, making art, and making music. Springhouse has given me the skill sets to be a better creative and has enabled me to be a more loving and caring human.

Springhouse Alumni

In 2023, we interviewed and caught up with the majority of our alumni. We asked them questions related to what their lives are like now, what they gained from their time at Springhouse, and what they could have used more of. We asked them questions related to our vision and mission so that we could better understand the long-term implications of being in a vitality-centered learning community like Springhouse.

Here’s what we learned…

78% are working at a job

42% go into formal education of some kind after high school

90% feel alive and vital

85% take care of their body

79% give back to their community

57% use technology mindfully

95% create new things

95% can feel their feelings, including grief

95% spend time with people of different ages

100% are creative and authentic

85% are environmentally accountable

90% are empowered and live with joy

What was the most important thing you received from your time at Springhouse?

How to have my own back

Compassion for others

Public speaking skills

Creative problem-solving

Self-awareness and self-love

Resiliency and doing hard things

Knowing how to be vulnerable

A spiritual life

The ability to move toward a goal or solution

Knowing how to learn and how to be self-directed

Staying true to myself


Being ok with being different

The value of connection and community


A sense of peace

We Support Our Alumni

Nearly 50% of our alumni report that their greatest challenge after high school is living in a world that has very different values than what they were used to during their time at Springhouse.

In our interviews, 100% of the alumni said that they would be interested in some kind of long-term support after high school. As a result of this response, and since we know they need support to build a world where all life thrives, we offer our alumni informal mentoring, opportunities for connection through our on-campus and online programs, and a monthly support call with Springhouse staff.

With this support, we hope that our alumni will continue to live the values they practiced at Springhouse, in a world that needs the vitality, creativity, and love they have to offer.