Sourced Design Network

When we start something new, we can feel alone sometimes. When our perspective gets clouded by fear and uncertainty, we can easily forget the fact that we are all connected. When we feel alone, it is important to remember that we are joined by many others who share the vision of a culture coming alive.

Jenny Finn, Consider the Source: a design for living

The Sourced Design Network invites leaders to surrender to and align with the power of Life to create a culture that takes care of Life. This network is for people who seek to consistently practice Sourced Design in their life and make a lasting change through their service in the world.

At Springhouse, we transform the status-quo by practicing Sourced Design. This is vulnerable and counter-cultural. We seek partners who share our vision of a thriving world and want to learn how to take better care of Life in their communities and places to create a more vital culture for all.

Gandhi says, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”


The Sourced Design Network offers consistent support to those who are ready to be the change they hope to see in the world. It is for those who want to learn how to take care of their vulnerability, commit to their personal growth, and practice the Sourced Design principles in their families, leadership, and work.

Membership includes:

  • Consider the Source: a design for living by Jenny Finn (Special Workbook Edition)
  • Sourced Design Network monthly meetings (1st Tuesdays, 11am ET)
    • Topics include: The power of Life, change, and choice; vulnerability and authentic expression; relationship with self (one’s interior life); and building beloved community in family and work
  • Support from others who are practicing Sourced Design
  • Discount at the Sourced Press Online Shop

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Connect with a community that aligns with the power of Life and envisions a world where ALL life thrives. Become a member of the Sourced Design Network and get started on your journey.