Light in the Dark

The Light in the Dark campaign was life giving and successful. We raised $12,000 more than we planned, we celebrated the dark and the light every morning through most of December, and we reconnected with old friends and made some new ones. We are in this together and Springhouse thrives because of it. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Dear Springhouse community,

Last year during the pandemic, one of the Springhouse teens said to me, “Jenny, I feel like this is the year that we really know who we are.” The vision and mission of Springhouse has become crystal clear. Springhouse is a school for regenerative culture builders. We serve teens and adults by creating education that brings us alive.

When it is dark, the light shines brighter. 

We live in challenging times. Many adults report feeling lonely and a lack of belonging. Because of this, young people are suffering in many ways, as is the Earth. We know the pain and suffering of this world. Since its beginning, Springhouse has been a response to the world’s emerging needs. The pandemic amplified those needs.

When it is dark, the light shines brighter. 

Springhouse carried on with our learning safely and almost entirely outdoors. Campfires were built, heavy winter coats were worn, and, even in the colder months, we came together to learn and live in community.

When it is dark, the light shines brighter. 

Springhouse leads the way in regenerative educational design. As a strong local example, Springhouse now shines a light of hope to many around the world through the Sourced Design Network. Nearly 75 people from eight different countries are working with us to foster vitality globally.

When it is dark, the light shines brighter. 

We know what we need to carry out our mission: people, physical resources, and money. This letter is an ask to support Springhouse financially. We do not subscribe to a tuition-based model. Our economic model is rooted in trust, transparency, and relationships. We trust that our needs will be met because we know that what we offer is needed. We humbly ask for your support as we commit to serving this vital mission – one day at a time.

With love and gratitude,

Jenny Finn