Springhouse Downtown is proud to host one Artist-in-Residence each year to bring their creative vision to the space and the community.

Artists-in-Residence at Springhouse Downtown are chosen for their diligence and commitment to their artistic practice, their interest in collaborating with the Floyd community, and their willingness to use their art and creativity as a tool for building regenerative culture in Floyd. Each Artist-in-Residence receives mentoring from Springhouse Downtown staff, the opportunity to bring their skills and vitality to the community through hosting events and programs, and the invitation to use the Springhouse Downtown space itself as their canvas for artistic exploration.

2022-23 Artist-in-Residence: Skyler Locke

When I finished my first album, I realized I am in love with the dark shadow of ambiguity. In the years since, I have deepened my relationship with darkness, the eerie, the flickering light bulb at the end of the old, musty hallway. The dream of the in-between, the liminal space between the conscious and the subconscious. Dusk, fog, and the quiet drizzle of distant rain. I find myself in a child’s pose in front of the great unknown, and create art.

I believe in the power of space, the ways that the environments and the aesthetics we inhabit can be characters of our own shadow. In my first album, I wrote about an image I had in my soul at the time – a meadow, cloaked in darkness, being an opening within the thick, dark forest. In my short film, a field that goes on forever, until it doesn’t. In my upcoming album, a path through wet and cold woods. In projects that are just on the horizon for me, buildings and spaces that live in our collective subconscious.

If I’m honest with you, I don’t know why I find this so powerful. All I know is that it is for me. I don’t know where it comes from; I guess that’s why they call it the great unknown.

For me, art creates an opening for exploration. I create art for my own deepening and to provide an invitation for deepening for others. I believe that we have complex, beautiful, vast worlds deep inside us, spaces our souls inhabit, and my art aims to bring that to the surface. Art is the most powerful way to engage the deeper places within us as well as transport the person viewing, listening, or creating to a different place, deeper within themselves.