Apprenticeship Program

Prepare the Next Generation

It’s all of our responsibility to help prepare the next generation to care for our community and planet, and we each have gifts and wisdom to pass down! Springhouse’s Apprenticeship Program provides a structure for local and international experts to share their knowledge and passions with eager young learners. The Springhouse learners come alive as they immerse in a particular skill, spend time with inspired adults, and work on projects that are meaningful.

Beyond meeting the needs of the students, apprenticeships are also designed to serve and strengthen our community. Our students have time, energy, and gifts to offer; the Apprenticeship Program matches their gifts with local or global needs. Springhouse is looking for partners excited about hosting a Springhouse learner one-day week!

Local Community Apprenticeships
We are looking for local businesses, organizations, or community initiatives that could benefit from a Springhouse learner! We are seeking meaningful learning opportunities for our students to strengthen our community. Do you have a specific need? Please fill out our Community Need Proposal form and we’ll be in touch.
Artisan Apprenticeships
We are looking for local artists, musicians, craftspeople, herbalists, luthiers, and more to work one-on-one or with a small group of students to share in-depth knowledge of a particular craft of skill. Apprenticeships can either take place in your studio or at the Springhouse campus. Contact Ian to learn more.
Global Apprenticeships
We are looking to support global projects and initiatives that would engage and challenge our students! If you are working on a project that would benefit from a creative and inspired Springhouse learner, please contact Sarah to learn more!



Supervisor Support

Springhouse staff work closely with all apprenticeship supervisors to support the process. Our goal is to make this a meaningful experience for all! Please contact Sarah to learn more about the program.