Thank you for your interest in Springhouse Community School!

We are so happy that you found your way to our unique and vibrant community. There are many things that make the way we learn at Springhouse special. Springhouse is a learning community where you will find:

  • A circle of teenagers and adults singing together on Monday mornings.
  • Students engaged in rigorous projects that invite them to apply their knowledge through activities like building sailboats that they will sail themselves.
  • Young people in a learning community where they belong after leaving environments where they have lost their love of learning due to bullying, stifled creativity, or a lack of inspiration.
  • Teens supported daily by an adult mentor who loves and inspires them.
  • Learning that takes place out of the school and in the community through internships and apprenticeships.
  • Students engaged in service-learning trips 3 times per year to places like Washington D.C., Wilmington NC, Atlanta GA, and Viroqua, WI.
  • Graduates living from a sense of purpose and pursue paths of their choosing, including college, gap year, and study abroad programs, and entering the workplace.
  • Community that is cultivated by dedicated, and inspired adults learning alongside teenagers.

Steps to Enrollment

  1. The interested family arranges a school visit (call 540-651-4673 or email us to schedule.)
  2. The family submits the completed application materials (found below) and an application fee of $50 (or $85 for a family with more than one student applying). Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the year. The application is below.
  3. An admissions interview is scheduled with the family once the application and payment have been received.
  4. During the interview, the student meets with the Director of Learner Experience, Head of Curriculum Design, and at least one learner representative from the Admissions Committee to discuss the educational model of Springhouse, the student’s interests and passions, and any questions that may arise. The parents will also have an opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns.
  5. Following the interview, the family will be contacted regarding acceptance and further steps for enrollment.