Application & Tuition

Our 5-year high school program serves teens (age 13-18) and their families who long to live in a world where all life thrives.

Springhouse is currently accepting applications for the 2024-25 school year. The next application deadline is August 3rd, 2024 for a fall 2024 start.

We are looking for learners who are… 

  • Excited to a participate in new form of education
  • Eager to learn and work hard
  • Self-reflective and motivated to know themselves more deeply
  • Able to think beyond themselves and their own needs
  • Excited to participate and grow in community
  • Able to adapt to change and think complexly

Application Process

  1. The interested family attends a Visiting Day or arranges a school visit (email us to schedule)
  2. The family submits the completed application materials (found below) by the application deadline
  3. After the application is reviewed and approved by the admissions committee, an admissions interview is scheduled with the family
  4. During the interview, the prospective learner meets with two staff members and at least one learner representative to discuss Springhouse’s educational model, the prospective learner’s interest in Springhouse, and any questions that may arise. The parents/guardians will also have an opportunity to learn more about Springhouse and discuss any questions or concerns. Alignment with Springhouse’s vision and mission is an essential component of these interviews.
  5. Shortly following the interview, the family will be contacted regarding acceptance and further steps for enrollment

Tuition Information

We have set tuition rates for our high school program, and we remain committed to ensuring that no one is turned away for a lack of funds (learn more about our economic approach).

For the 2023-2024 school year, the overall estimated expenses at Springhouse are just over $500,000. We estimate that about half of our expenses are associated directly with the high school program. The average tuition at private high schools in Virginia is over $17,000, with some over $64,000, per year. In 2019, annual federal spending per student in Virginia public schools was over $12,600.

Springhouse has three tuition rates for the high school program:

  1. Pay-it-Forward Rate: $10,000 (Default payment schedule is $1000/mo for 10 months)

  2. Sustaining Rate: $8,000 (Default payment schedule is $800/mo for 10 months)

  3. Supported Rate: We remain committed to accessibility, and no one is turned away due to lack of funds. If you cannot afford either of the rates above, please review our Supported Tuition Rate Packet and prepare for a tuition meeting with Chris

Prior to applying to Springhouse,

we ask that you carefully consider the following:

  • Springhouse does not separate subjects (e.g. language arts, history, science, math, etc.) into strict progressions. Learning is primarily interdisciplinary.
  • Springhouse is an accredited school that does not offer grades. Springhouse generates transcripts for learners and works with them as they seek out post-graduation opportunities.
  • Springhouse is not a college-prep school. Attending college is not our goal. We want learners to leave with the self-knowledge and skills they need to be change agents in our world. In their final years, we assist learners in discerning the right next step for them. If the next step is college, we help them with the application process.
  • Learners will not be placed into a specific “grade level” dependent on age. Learning happens in developmentally-appropriate ways, which may or may not coincide with their age or “grade level.”
  • Learners will have a unique learning experience based on their developmental needs.
  • Learners must attend Springhouse for at least one trimester prior to their final year, which includes a year-long capstone project.
  • Trips, exchanges, and opportunities to leave Floyd County are integrated into our high school curriculum through three all-school trips each year, the optional Blue Ridge Passage trip, and exchanges through the Network of Complementary Schools.
  • Learners have a primary mentor who will be in communication with parents/guardians.
  • Parent/guardian engagement is an essential component of our educational approach. We see this arrangement as a working partnership with our families that is focused on meeting the unique needs of each learner.
  • Parents/guardians commit to supporting the school by choosing three volunteer shifts each year assisting with grounds maintenance and events.
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