7th-12th Program

Our Four Core Practices

  • Learning By Doing: We believe that there is more to learning than reading from a textbook, absorbing content, and taking tests. Rather, we see the necessity of hands-on, relevant learning experiences that fully engage learners.
  • Mentoring: A mentor is a trusted guide who supports the learner in their becoming. Every learner is paired with a mentor to help them navigate their learning and to foster holistic development.
  • Community Collaborations: We collaborate with our local community to provide learners with engaging projects and to create opportunities for service learning. Healthy adolescent development requires that learners engage in experiences outside of the school walls by working with their community to explore their gifts, challenge themselves, and be of service.
  • Embodied Living: Embodied living includes practices and activities that encourage learners to access the wisdom of their bodies. At Springhouse, we engage these practices to cultivate a relational sense of belonging within oneself, the community, and with the Earth.

Six Fields of Study

Springhouse offers courses and experiences through six Fields of Study. Everything we do falls under these six areas. These Fields of Study were developed in order to provide a well-rounded curriculum that encourages interdisciplinary exploration and learning. The six fields of Study are:

~Culture, Language, and Humanities
~Earth, Art, and Empathy
~Science and the Logical Mind
~Community Engagement and Leadership
~Sustainability, Equity, and Social Justice
~Somatics and Holistic Health


At Springhouse, learning focuses on relevant phenomena that engage skill-based competencies. This encourages growth in areas such as collaboration, adaptability, self-directed learning, conducting research, and incorporating feedback into future learning. Every offering at Springhouse provides an opportunity to work on at least one competency (and usually multiple). The competencies are grouped into the following categories:

  • Social-Emotional and Somatic Acuity
  • Engaged Citizenship and Leadership
  • Communication and Self-Expression
  • Critical Analysis and Design Thinking
  • Quantitative Literacy

Experience Week Trips

Springhouse values expeditionary learning because it fosters a sense of connection, develops resilience in both the learner and the community, and sparks curiosity in ways that simply cannot happen in a familiar environment. Springhouse offers three Experience Week trips each school year, including a trip during the first month of school. On these ventures, the school community journeys out into the world for an immersive and deeply bonding learning experience.


Community Internship and Apprenticeship Program

All Springhouse learners participate in the Community Internship and Apprenticeship Program. Staff and learners work together to find internships or apprenticeships with community members and at local organizations that are aligned with the learners’ interests and passions. Internships will last at least one semester but can last up to several years.


Current Calendar and Schedule

Springhouse operates on a trimester system. Springhouse learners take one interdisciplinary  “Main Course” each trimester, along with an elective course, dance, athletics, singing, at least one internship, an offering through the Friday Embodied Learning Program, and one Experience Week Trip. A diploma from Springhouse Community School represents a rigorous journey of learning and growing.

View our Google Calendar or a sample schedule.

Reimagining Tuition: Investing in Springhouse

At Springhouse, we believe education should not be a commodity and we strive to make sure that no family is turned away for financial reasons. Instead of tuition, we see your contribution as an investment in our vision and mission.

Please do not let this information be an obstacle to pursuing the application process.

Family Investments: To determine the cost of the 7th-12th grade program, Springhouse has used a calculation that accounts for the program staff’s time, rent, and material costs. The 7th-12th grade day school is set at $6,075 for a full year. The actual cost is currently over $10,000 per learner. Springhouse programs, therefore, do not rely on family investments alone and receive additional support through donations and grants.

Investment Discounts: As stated above, Springhouse has never turned away a family due to financial reasons. If you want to participate and cannot invest the full amount, you are encouraged to talk with Piper Pollock, Development Director, about what kind of investment you can make to Springhouse. Piper will work with families to establish investment amounts and payment plans.

Experience Week Trip Investment: We take three trips as a whole school every year and each family is asked to contribute to an annual $300 trip investment. The investment is due by the 1st day of school OR payable $100 at a time on the 1st day of each trimester.