By Carolyn Reilly

Fund (n.) 1670s, “a bottom, the bottom; foundation, groundwork,” from French fond “a bottom, floor, ground”

We have been in the process of reimagining our economic structures from the ground up, asking, “what is the foundation needed to sustain and grow Springhouse?” We are clear that it is important to identify and name the value of our resources – what we offer and share has worth.  We have taken steps in discerning tuition rates for our programs that will hopefully contribute to greater sustainability as an organization. We also remain committed to no one being turned away from our offerings for a lack of funds. This means we still rely on the wider community to support Springhouse through financial gifts that allow all to have access to our programs. 

We need money to operate and boldly carry out our mission of practicing and sharing Sourced Design to create a culture that takes care of life. We have three “channels” that we’re focusing our mission within: 

1. education (this is our homebase, the example where it all started – a school

2. media (we recently launched Sourced Press – first book being published this month), and 

3. a global network (global includes local – we’re creating greater support systems for those who want to practice and share Sourced Design). 

These initiatives require funds, the ground from which the offerings in each channel arise from. How can you help?

Our biggest fundraiser of the year is coming up – Give Local NRV – where we need to raise $100,000 in the month of June. We will be calling on Springhouse Advocates to set-up a personal fundraiser for Springhouse (are you an Advocate?). We are also looking for corporate sponsorships for a special event to be held in downtown Floyd on June 24th (details coming soon!!). If you have ideas for sponsorships, please reach out to Carolyn Reilly

As always, we know it takes a community/village/ individuals coming together in harmony to have impact. We hope you’ll join in on our call and commitment to create a culture that takes care of life. Every person adds to the collective vision of living in a world where all life thrives. Consider giving a monthly gift that helps us sustainably grow. You can learn more about how we’re supported and our overall Economic Approach here.

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