By Stael Campos

I’ve been experiencing a unique moment in my life. A moment that I’m giving myself the privilege of questioning. I’ve come to a time when my job and regular routine ceased to feel exciting. An image that can express what it was, is the feeling of infinite scrolling of social media. And then, I decided I could stop. When I made this decision, I started to pay attention to my surroundings and listen to my heart, and some questions popped up. What do I really want to do with my time? What is important to me? How do I get my vitality? Can I somehow help others?

With my focus and attention adjusted, I got connected to Jenny Finn and Springhouse, and I got an amazing birthday gift: join the Fall 2022, Sourced Design Lab and Practice Group. In those, I’ve been connected to people who are also seeking to increase their own, and their community, vitality levels. I’ve learned how to cultivate vulnerability, and how it is important to stay true to myself and others, how to make commitments and think about them to strengthen my practices.

I’ve learned that there are some practices already systematized that can help me and anyone else who wants to go on this journey, we need to think, decide, and do the practices we want to do that take care of life, an aligned community, a place to practice it over time and trusted mentorship. With the space provided by Springhouse, I could explore all these and now see myself as part of this beautiful community. One of my commitments was to write about what I was feeling and thinking, what a fantastic opportunity this practice group has given me!

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