By Ian Stabler

Hello from Springhouse Downtown! 

We have been amazed and delighted by the outpouring of beauty and creativity from all who gather here at Springhouse Downtown. We know that being creative with one another is a vital act and a necessary part of building a life giving culture. Creating together asks us to hold the vulnerability of one another’s creations with care, asks us to look at one another with reverence for the life within, and invites us to collaborate and be inspired to build a more beautiful community. With this, we have shifted our mission to reflect this simple but beautiful realization.

Springhouse Downtown provides a space where creativity brings people of all ages together for inspiration and collaboration.

To meet this mission we have opened our doors for everyone in Floyd to bring their creative selves out into the community. We have named this community the Creative Collective and it has three main initiatives.

The first is an opening from 10am – 6pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday where creatives of all types (painters, coders, writers, entrepreneurs, etc) are invited to co-work together. This is an invitation towards collaboration, co-inspiration and community in your work, and we hope you will join us. We have set up desks, tables and couches for all your co-working needs. 

The second is open studio from 4pm – 6pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Our goal is to establish an open, inter-generational space for co-creation, inspiration, and play. Working artists, teens, and folks who want to move towards creativity and the vitality inside them are invited to drop in and join us in creating this dynamic space. Some tools and materials are provided, but feel free to bring any of your ongoing projects and work on them at the space!

Our third opportunity is for our community to bring projects, ideas and resources to Springhouse Downtown that help us meet our mission. We are currently accepting proposals for events, classes and ideas for community creativity. If you are interested please fill out this link!

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Please reach out with any questions or your creative ideas! 


Ian Stabler & Sarah Piper Pollock 

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