For Immediate Release: Monday, August 1, 2022

Floyd County, Virginia – Springhouse is opening a second location in Floyd County – an art-centered community space in the previous Green Label Organics store on Fox Street in the town of Floyd. Emerging from the collaborative and creative partnership of a recent Springhouse graduate, Skyler Locke, and staff member, Ian Stabler, the new space has been dubbed “Springhouse Downtown.” 

This new location is closely linked to Springhouse’s mission of creating and sharing a model of regenerative culture through vitality-centered education that equips people to courageously respond to the world’s emerging needs. Springhouse Downtown will provide programs and events that use creativity and art to explore and articulate the vitality within participants of all ages.

Stabler shares, “As a gathering place for our community, this space will provide a platform for intergenerational learning and co-creation. Our community’s strength and health depend on our ability for diverse groups to come together and creatively respond to community needs.” 

Springhouse Downtown will be a safe and creative space for teens to gather with adults to honor and amplify the gifts that they bring to our community while also learning from and respecting the knowledge and wisdom of all life stages. 

Locke adds, “After graduating, I was lucky enough to come on as a partial staff member of Springhouse to continue doing the work of building regenerative culture. Part of building regenerative culture requires a deep and connected relationship with the local community. In order to form a stronger relationship with our local community, we have decided to bring our work closer [to the local community] by forming Springhouse Downtown, an art-centered space in the heart of Floyd.”

Springhouse Downtown’s mission is to provide art-centered programs to inspire, activate, and experience creative, life-giving culture in service to the emerging needs of the Floyd community. A Grand Opening event is scheduled for Friday, August 19th 5–7PM. The event will include a pop-up food tent with Metta Meals, offering dinner and snack plates as well as unique teas, live music, and an interactive art creation to christen the new space and explore the vitality within collective creativity.

WHAT: Springhouse Downtown Grand Opening

WHEN: Friday, August 19th, 2022, 5 to 7PM

WHERE: 203 Fox St. NW, Unit A, Floyd, VA 24091

Learn more about Springhouse and their model of regenerative culture at


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