In late May of this year, my 6 years as a high school learner came to end as I graduated from Springhouse. I look back at these days with deep gratitude. The times I went on trips to unknown places to experience something new, dancing everywhere from the Great Hall on campus to a kitchen in Washington DC. The lunchtimes I would spend walking in the woods. The times where I was  unfair and mean, but still loved. The times where I would learn what’s truly serving me and what’s not. All of these moments with Springhouse helped me connect with my own life and fall in love with it, warts and all.

After graduating, I was lucky enough to come on as a partial staff member of Springhouse to continue doing the work of building regenerative culture. Part of building regenerative culture requires a deep and connected relationship with the local community. In our case, that is the town and community of Floyd, VA. In order to form a stronger relationship with our local community, we have decided to bring our work closer by forming “Springhouse Downtown”, an art centered space in the heart of Floyd. This space will be an accessible space for members of our community to connect with our vision of building regenerative culture through art and creativity. As the main chunk of my work at Springhouse, I am very excited to share it and use it as a way to create beautiful relationships in the near future.

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