By H.D. Lee

Calling, soul, and intentionality are the three words that stand out in my mind when I reflect on more than a year of interaction, discussions, and shared sacred moments with the people at Springhouse. As a participant in Springhouse’s Sourced Design Lab in 2021 and their 2021-22 immersion, I have come to appreciate deeply the Sourced Design Principles by which they weave together community and build regenerative culture. 

In my endeavor to arrive at a holistic vision for education that aligns with a higher will for freedom, harmony, beauty, truth, and goodness, I have visited different schools around the world, read the works for great thinkers and creators from past and present, as well as served organizations that facilitate this higher will. And yet it has struck me that few schools work with such an articulate and unique vision that in turn is supported by such down-to-earth practices which are in fact profound.

The word “calling” comes to mind because Springhouse’s visionary leader and the staff are clearly being called to carry the great task of nourishing the budding flower that is the community of friends and family who are linked directly and indirectly to where the school is situated in Floyd, Virginia. This calling, in my observation, has something to do with the discovery of one’s soul, because only the soul can hear such a calling. If we manage to cultivate our connection to our essence while remaining rooted in mother earth and intimately connected to the daily human affairs, one can better hear the whispers of Life that is gently guiding us toward Something greater than our self. In attuning to this inner voice that is both within and without, intentionality sets the table for Life to work through us. 

The principles I have been been studying with my friends at Springhouse have helped to guide me as I give myself over to my calling of pioneering a new form of education that is centered around the question of “who am I?”. Seeing this question as being a deeply spiritual one, I believe it is an invitation for us to peer into the profound truth of who we are and why we are here. My lifelong exploration with this question began more than twenty years ago, and it has since led me to experiences that have shown me there is so much more than meets the eye, both about who we are and about the meaning and purpose of life itself. Since 2017, I have been called to create a school that would provide the conditions, context, and experiences within which people will be supported to explore their calling and vision for their lives while cultivating a profound connection with the Source of Life. The opportunity to be involved with Springhouse as a participant of their programs and to be able to connect to the people there have, and continues, to nourish my own calling, soul, and intentionality.

About H.D. Lee: Visionary and creator of Nomadic School, H.D. Lee is a father, educator, writer, speaker, and a seeker. Based in Belgium, H.D. Lee is creating a new kind of education that awakens and deepens the connection within to who we are.

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