Hello dear newsletter readers!

My name is Cassidy and I am one of the seniors currently at Springhouse. As a part of my senior capstone project, I have created an Etsy shop called SpringCraftsCottage. My shop’s purpose is to empower young artists in their creative endeavors by providing an opportunity for them to promote and sell their crafts. As the ball gets rolling to work with artists, most of whom are Springhouse students, I have already put up my own product listing.

For the past few months I have enjoyed making small mushroom earrings out of polymer clay, and while this is only one of my many artistic hobbies, I have decided that they would be a great start to my Etsy shop. I aim to put up new listings of cloth bookmarks and watercolor cards as soon as I can, so keep an eye out! You can access Spring Crafts Cottage through this link and if you are drawn to my shop’s products and would like to purchase a gift for a loved one or yourself, your support is much appreciated!

To all the young artists out there who create adorable crafts that bring people joy, keep it up and good luck! My email is always open for questions, so reach out to me at ccallister@springhouse.org


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