By Driti Prasad

Being a participant at the Sourced Design Immersion, three important principles I have engaged with are Cultivating Personhood, Building Beloved Community and Respecting the Wisdom of the Earth.  

To begin with, during these difficult times of the pandemic, being a distinction post-graduate and being unemployed, sitting at home wallowing in my own thought spiral was a dreadful experience. Upon consistently working on the principle of cultivating personhood, I realized the embodiment of vitality within my body and its connection to the universe. Which led to me being offered exactly what I needed, by the Universe. I not only met an individual who I connected spiritually, but also got hired for a full-time position. This led to a stance where the community which was initially challenging me and pushing me to fit a box just immediately transformed into a community which is as open as the meadows and slowly expanded into an endless chain of hills. The nature that I was once missing now became my workspace. Therefore, I can safely say that just being aware, embracing the darkness and working on myself from within, supported my journey to access the other two principles that I initially found challenging and impossible to find in my environment.

The Sourced Design principles, at least personally for me, seem to be carefully handcrafted into a beautiful, cohesive flow of events that make the journey of life a much more expanded and enjoyable one. The above image is only one of the many magical yet real and natural locations I work in.

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