This morning I went for a walk in the snow. (I’ve been visiting my family in Boulder, CO during the holidays.) I’d been in a fog all morning. My mind was swirling with fear and grief… a scary doctor’s visit, COVID exposures, and friend’s homes lost in a horrific fire. 

I’ve come to know that when I’m foggy with fear I lose my ability to trust. I get tunnel vision, narrowing in and closing off to the world around me. Martin Shaw calls this closing the smoke hole.  

“In Siberian myth, when you want to hurt someone, you crawl into their tent and close the smoke hole.

That way God can’t see them.

Close the smoke hole and you break connection to the divine world. Mountains, rivers, trees.

Close the smoke hole and we become mad.

Close the smoke hole and we are possessed by ourselves and only ourselves.

Close the smoke hole and you have only your neurosis for company.”

Shaw invites us to open the smoke hole and trust in a myriad of ways. At Springhouse we sing, dance, tell stories, share our vulnerability, and ask for help when we need it.  

For me, today, I walked and I spoke my gratitude out loud: 

“Thank you for the snow beneath my feet… 

thank you breath that fills my lungs… 

thank you for the abundance that surrounds me.” 

May this New Year invite us to find new and creative ways to open the smoke hole and to trust in our connection with this divine world. 

With gratitude and trust, 


Generative Development Lead 


One of the pillars of our economic model is transparency. We value transparency as an integral way to build relationships and trust. We share transparently what Springhouse gives, what Springhouse needs to support our offerings and growing community, as well as our budget. 

Each month Springhouse shares transparently about our resources in terms of the people that support us, the physical resources we have, and the money we spend and receive.  

We’re grateful for the abundance of this place and community as well as the financial support that helps us continue to carry out our mighty vision of building regenerative culture.

Physical Resources – Place-Based (August 2021 to date)  

Thank you to Skip King for the juggling pins and books! 

Thank you to all those who donated books for the Death and Indigeneity Main Course!

Money (August 2021 to date)

We are so grateful for all who supported us in our effort to raise financial resources for our end of year campaign. We surpassed our goal of $25k, receiving $37,210 in donations. Thank you! 

We are so excited to announce we are a micro-grant recipient of the VELA Education Fund for $10k, joining others in building nontraditional learning models. 

Current cash in the bank: $206k

January Invitation: Donors are a vital element to the health and well-being of our organization. The commitment of monthly giving deeply strengthens our work in carrying out the mission and vision of Springhouse. You can give a one-time gift or become a monthly supporter and contribute to our organization’s vitality. Give online at

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