We heard this story from a Sourced Design Network member in Kenya, Magaga Enos. We are so grateful for Magaga, who is now a partner and friend in vitality-centered education. He recently shared these words with us:

“[In Kenya] we went for a sudden break that was called by our government following the many recorded cases of school unrest. (Learn more here.) During the break, I participated in many local online discussions, conferences and workshops with one major theme: restoring order in our schools. In all these discussions, I could tell many teachers wanted to hear much about how we have managed to enjoy peace and calmness in [our school]. In all our responses, we talked about vitality-centered education and briefly highlighted the five principles [of Sourced Design]. Again, concerning ways to diffuse the pressure learners have in the classroom, I was able to share the experience I got from the [Reflections on Learning process] with H (a Springhouse staff member) and other learners. Why am I telling you all of this? Today, I received a request to be a keynote speaker at a conference involving heads of national schools about building a beloved community in our schools…I am going to include my experience with Springhouse and how I came to learn about Sourced Design.

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