Welcome to the first of our monthly updates on our economic model. 

At Springhouse, we practice the Sourced Design principles day in and day out. As we practice these principles, vitality moves into every aspect of our lives and our organization. It becomes clear where vitality is stifled or where the full potential of an organization or an individual is being limited.

The desire and motivation to explore a new economic model for Springhouse came from within – within the organization and within our individual values. The purpose of this economic model is to dismantle the notion of education as a commodity by radically shifting the way we view money.

The first step to fulfilling this vision? Starting with myself. I looked at my own relationship to money and took time to explore different economic models. Most importantly though, I took care of my own vulnerability (the first Sourced Design principle) and listened deeply. During the past year, I’ve led apprenticeships, classes, and discussion groups about economic theory and our own relationship to money. I’ve been inspired by experiences like community members coming together to read Donut Economics and teens discussing the relationship between living systems and resources. 

Our model was born out of intuition, inspiration, and creativity. It is grounded in the three pillars of trust, transparency, and relationship. I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with this model each day. It invites me into a deeper relationship with trust, transparency, and relationship in my own life as well as the economic model of Springhouse.

I’m excited for the ability to share monthly on what I’m learning from engaging with this model both on a personal level and organizational level. 

With gratitude and trust,


Generative Development Lead


One of the pillars of our economic model is transparency. We value transparency as an integral way to build relationships and trust. We share transparently what Springhouse gives, what Springhouse needs to support our offerings and growing community, as well as our budget. 

Each month Springhouse shares transparently about our resources in terms of the people that support us, the physical resources we have, and the money we spend and receive.  

We’re grateful for the abundance of this place and community as well as the financial support that helps us continue to carry out our mighty vision of building regenerative culture. 

People- Relationships (August 2021 to date) 

Volunteers: 17 

Adult Program Participants: 124

Day School Learners: 33

Youth Program Participants: 8 

Physical Resources- Place-Based (August 2021 to date)  

A big thank you to Swede McBroom for his generous sponsorship of agriculture materials for Springhouse’s greenhouse and farm.

We are grateful for our neighbor Skip King and his generosity. We use his field everyday for athletics. Thank you Skip! 

Big thank you to Nicholas Fairhurst for a bookshelf to keep our book collection. 

Thank you to Wills Ridge for their donation of plywood for a storage project. 

Money (August 2021 to date)

We are so excited to announce we received a two year grant from the Kalliopeia Foundation for $35k a year to support our Adult Programs ~ educational offerings for adults of all ages.

We’ve been awarded $20k from an anonymous educational foundation to support our Day School Program for teens.



November Invitation: Donors are a vital element to the health and well-being of our organization. The commitment of monthly giving deeply strengthens our work in carrying out the mission and vision of Springhouse. You can give a one-time gift or become a monthly supporter and contribute to our organism’s vitality. Give online at springhouse.org/donate/

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