This summer, Springhouse staff member Sarah Merfeld, Ecological Design Lead, completed her master’s degree in Ecological Design Thinking at Schumacher College. We take professional development seriously at Springhouse; we know the only way to change culture is to keep expanding our capacities! Check out her final thesis ~ Vital Hubs for Cultural Regeneration: Three Essential Components for Redesigning Education.

Here is Sarah’s summary about her thesis: This inquiry explores the role of education in creating regenerative culture. It’s clear that as a collective we are in a state of social and ecological crisis. Our current educational system plays a vital role in maintaining the status quo and if we wish to transition from this current state to a more regenerative future, we need something different. In this exploration, I propose three essential components needed for creating schools that build regenerative culture in place: 1.) a unifying, generative myth, 2.) structures that support eco-soulcentric human development, and 3.) continuity and commitment over time and in place. To ground this exploration, I offer reflexive commentary on how an 8-year old school in rural Appalachia – Springhouse – is a living example of an educational design creating regenerative culture in place.

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