My name is Ben, a teacher From Kenya, Africa. I teach History and Business Studies. Magaga has been my colleague for quite a while and through him I have come to know about the five principles of the Sourced Design Lab.

In my class, the principle of Building a Beloved Community has been a great tool in ensuring a peaceful co-existence among the learners. It has led to creation of an environment where learners are free to express themselves. As their teacher, I actively listen to them, hence addressing their needs in time.


During my History class, for instance, we built huts from different Kenya communities. This helps the learners appreciate diversity and promotes peaceful co-relation. There has been unrest in other schools in our country but in our school we take pride in a calm environment both outside and inside the classroom. We explore the principle by carrying out joined activities: singing, performing  drama and storytelling. During these activities we sit or stand in a circular manner. This is important because each learner gets a chance to share their ideas.


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