By Colleen Lewton

I have been involved in Springhouse for several years in various ways. There is one common thread that I have seen since my involvement in different areas of this essential community: connection and love. These two traits intertwine and weave in and out of everything Springhouse does or touches. You can see it in their actions, words, beliefs, and choices they make.

This thread is contagious and makes me want to spread it all over. They motivate me and each other to dig deep and find what is true. I value how they look at real issues that affect all of us. They deeply care about each other, their community, and the world. They take the time for connection that so many of us pass by too often in our lives. A connection to really hear one another and be there for one another with love and support.

The consistency of their message is strong, which shows me that it is genuine and true. I am honored to be a part of Springhouse and it is a pleasure to watch them work and grow.

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